Mass: Soft Beta-ray


Austin - Houston - Dallas
Phone: (424)703-3786


Source characteristics Ni 63
Energy range Maximum energy: 66 keV; Average energy: 17 keV
Half-Life 100.1 years
Characteristics Beta-ray attenuation analysis of samples
Detectors Model BU-XXX-150-300-S. Special ULTRA lon-Implanted Detector with aluminum coating
Spot size at sample 6 x .5 mm
Sample format Sample size 2.54 x 21 cm
Sample environment Air
Scientific applications Mass analysis (e.g., atmospheric particulates, environmental soil samples, and biological samples)
Scientific disciplines Aerosol science


Sales contact

Lee Portnoff
Austin - Houston - Dallas
Phone: (424)703-3786


Ortec Components

  • Model BU-XXX-150-300-S. Special ULTRA lon-Implanted Detector with aluminum coating
  • Model 142A Preamplifier
  • Model 428 Detector Bias Supply
  • Model 590A Amplifier
  • Model 4006 Power Supply
  • Cables and adapters
  • DRUMAir Components

  • Project Management with 3-Day on-site installation, software install, custom programming, database initialization, setup, calibration, testing, system optimization, training and limited 60-day support.
  • Sample Motion Controller System for DRUM Aerosol Samples
  • Sample Analysis Chamber for DRUM Aerosol Samples
  • Database and data processing workstation
  • Ocean Optics Components

  • USB 2000+ Spectrometer
  • UV Light Source
  • 74 uv Series Calumniating Lens
  • 300 um Solarization Resistant Fiber cable
  • DELTA Group Software

  • 'SET' Analysis Software (version 4 update (DRUMAir))
  • LabView Optical Analysis Software
  • Amp / Controller



    Front Panel Com Pin mDRIVE
    button 1 1 i/o 1
    button 2 2 i/o 2
    button 3 3 i/o 3
    button 4 4 i/o 4
    5 Ground
    selector knob 6 i/o 11
    toggle left 7 i/o 9
    toggle right 8 i/o 10
    9 +12 Vdc


    controllerBoard.dxf (1.2 mb)

    Synchrotron X-ray Fluorescence (XRF)


    Advanced Light Source
    1 Cyclotron Road
    Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
    Berkeley, CA 94720-8229


    Source characteristics Bend magnet
    Energy range 3-20 keV
    Monochromator White light, multilayer mirrors in Kirkpatrick-Baez configuration
    Calculated flux (1.9 GeV, 400 mA) 3 x 1010 photons/s at 12.5 keV
    Resolving power (E/?E) White light to 30 at 12 keV
    Endstations Large hutch with optical table
    Characteristics X-ray fluorescence analysis of samples with high elemental sensitivity and high spatial resolution
    Spacial resolution 10 x 10 µm
    Detectors Silicon drift detector
    Spot size at sample 1.0 x 1.2 µm
    Sample format Sample size flexible up to 30 cm x 1 meter depending on configuration.
    Sample environment Air and vacuum
    Scientific applications Trace-element analysis with high spatial resolution (e.g., silicon solar cells, GaN, atmospheric particulates, environmental soil samples, and biological samples)
    Scientific disciplines Environmental science, detector development, low-dose radiation effects in cells.


    Local contact / Spokesperson Jun Hamamoto
    Advanced Light Source, Berkeley Lab
    Phone: (510) 486-5527
    Fax: (510) 486-4102
    Steven S. Cliff
    University of California, Davis
    Phone: (530) 867-2037

    Proton Elastic Scattering Analysis (STIM / PESA)

    Research Expert

    Graham Bench

    Ph.D., Physics, University of Melbourne, 1992
    B.Sc., Physics: First Class Honors, University of Melbourne, 1987
    B.Sc., Physics & Math: First Class Honors, University of Melbourne, 1986

    Director - Center for Accelerator Mass Spectrometry
    Atmospheric, Earth & Energy Division

    Phone: 925-423-5155
    E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)

    Organic Speciation

    Research Expert

    Thomas M. Cahill
    Asst Professor
    Div of Mathematical & Natural Sciences
    Arizona State University, West campus
    (Note: research facility only -- not for contracted analyses)